Gallo Moscato comes in three beautiful hues + recipes

Even though summer is over, you can still brighten up your family meals and parties with Gallo Moscato. Their moscato line comes in an array of three different hues – white, pink, and red. The flavors are subtly different in each but makes a great mixer not only with flavors but adds beautiful colors to your cocktails.

Gallo Moscato (white) is light-bodied, refreshing, bursting with flavors of peach, honey, and ripe citrus. It can be paired with spicy Asian take-out, Mexican dishes, and everyday desserts.

Gallo Pink Moscato is light-bodied and bursting with aromas of fresh citrus, peach, fresh red berries, and orange blossoms. It can be paired with spicy dishes or sweet desserts. Rating: 4/5

Gallo Red Moscato brings out flavors of sweet citrus and peach with a bright red berry finish. It can be paired with light cheeses, spicy cuisine, or desserts. Tasting notes: Cherry and almost “Hawaiian Punch” aroma; Sweet grape and grapefruit flavors experienced. Rating: 4/5