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OC Food Diva’s Best Bites (and Sip) of 2016

2016 was another year of great eats! I love seeing chefs and restaurants re-invent dishes, push the boundaries of the culinary world, and harmoniously balance flavors. These are the Top 10 dishes that gave me such a sensory experience while eating (and drinking) them, that they haunt my dreams (in a good way). The two questions everyone asks me are, “What is your favorite restaurant?” and “What is your favorite food?”. This list will answer your questions, at least, for 2016.
Anepalco’s Lamb Duo “Enhance your palate with the Lamb Duo. It is barbacoa stew, and lamb taco on a nixtamal (treated corn) tortilla. If you love lamb barbacoa, you need to order this! The stew has all of the rich, roasted flavors from the lamb head and thick stew with lip-smacking collagen. The vegetables provide a nice balance of sweet and refreshing flavor. The lamb taco is filled with tender lamb meat along with some of the juices from the stew. The microgreens, cilantro, and radish add texture along with refre…

Road to the 2016 USA Barbecue Championship: Bumbleberry Flats in Laughlin, Nevada