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2017 World Food Championships: Bacon World Championship Opening Round

After carbing up at The Southern Grind Coffeehouse, it was time to head down to Kitchen Arena for the first competition of the day, Bacon World Championship Opening Round. As we walked over, we saw the competitors wheeling/carrying in their cooking equipment and ingredients towards the tent. You could feel the “buzz” of excitement, nervousness, tension, and love of bacon in the air. I have been covering World Food Championships since 2014 and in that time I have met so many nice people that have become part of my ohana. One person in particular is Rebecka Evans from At Home with Rebecka. I met her during the 2015 World Food Championships in Celebration, FL. We were attending a Blogger Summit prior to the Championships. My biggest memory was being packed into a rental car so the girls could get back and shop for their competition the next day and I could attend a media event that evening. Even though we were squished like sardines, we had so much fun on the ride back. I have never laug…