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Check out my new review - Pizzeria Enzo Restaurant in Las Vegas, NV

Yard House has the best Happy Hour

Drunken Fish recipe

Check out this recipe.  I used salmon steaks and Calrose sticky rice. It's so good!

Ribeye Steak Recipe

Check out this ribeye steak recipe from Vons:

Happy Eats!

Food Truck Thursdays at the OC Fairgrounds...

If you haven't already heard about it, the OC Fairgrounds has Food Truck Thursday along with their weekely Farmers Market. Come on down and check out the fresh produce, bakery items, gourmet hummus, and other homemade items at the Farmers Market. When you finish looking around and shopping, the Gourmet Food Trucks are parked along side of the Farmers Market to make your taste buds work until you drop. I will be posting reviews soon on the following trucks - Calbi, Chomp Chomp Nation, Piaggio, and BaconMANia. So far there have been only a couple of trucks that have come regularly so the choices are endless every week. If you have the time during your lunch hour, this is a definite must-eat. Gourmet food with some sun and fresh air is way better than sitting at your desk eating something you picked up from a drive-thru window. Happy Eats!

Welcome to OC Food Diva!

Hi All!

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I will be posting links to all of my articles here, so come back and share my epicurean journey!

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