Seabirds Truck and Food Network gave away free lunches to the first 100 guests yesterday

Food Network and Seabirds have been hinting all week about free lunch for their first 100 guests. If you follow Food Network and Seabirds on Facebook and Twitter, at 11am yesterday, you were privy to location information on where to find the Seabirds. All you had to do is show up, get a ticket, and get some local, fresh and organic vegan food. Seabirds is a contestant on this season’s The Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network. The grand prize is $100,000.

Stephanie Morgan’s dream started when she was working in the Financial District in NY back when the food truck craze started. She noticed that there weren’t really any healthy food trucks around. Being a vegan, it was hard to enjoy the food craze that was going on. She then moved to Sacramento and would frequent some local taco trucks where they could make her a veggie burrito or taco. There were no food trucks out there for the vegan community. She was determined to open a food truck for vegans that served fresh, organic, local-grown foods. The local growers she uses are Tanaka Farm and OC Produce in Irvine and South Coast Farm in San Juan Capistrano. Her dream is now a reality! Vegetarian food is not just for vegans anymore!

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