Bacon MANia is all about BACON in Orange County, CA

This year’s winner of the OC Foodie Fest, Jay and Karen Dieugenio are the proud parents of this little piggy. Jay and Karen are heavy into tailgating and what better way to do it than with bacon. No one else was doing it and the truck was born. Bacon is the basis of good down-home cooking. The Dieugenios run a family-oriented truck, which is a family itself. Their team is friendly and just wants to make sure you’re happy. 

E-I-E-I-Ouch! is two lamb, beef and applewood smoked bacon patties served on toasted rolls with jalapeno chevre goat cheese, lettuce and Havarti crisps. Wow! This meat combination is orgasmic! The bacon seasons up the lamb and beef perfectly. The two cheeses give the sliders depth – salty and crispy from the havarti, creamy and slightly spicy from the goat cheese. The rolls are perfectly constructed – soft and light enough for eating yet strong enough hold everything together. Thumbs up, way up!

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