The Lime Truck and Food Network gave away free lunches to the first 100 guests today

Food Network and The Lime Truck have been hinting all week about free lunch for their first 100 guests. If you follow Food Network and The Lime Truck on Facebook and Twitter, at 11am today, you were privy to location information on where to find The Lime Truck. All you had to do is show up, get a ticket, and get some local, fresh and ingredient-driven food. The Lime Truck, as of this week, is in second place on this season’s The Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network. The grand prize is $100,000.

Daniel Shemtob and Jason Quinn are at the reigns of this gravy train, offering ingredient-driven, fresh food for hungry foodies. Their menu changes daily so if you see it here today, it may be gone tomorrow. So the rule of thumb is, “If it sounds good, try it.” Jason was on hand today, graciously handing out all 100 lunches himself. Melissa’s Produce, supplier of fresh food for The Lime Truck, gave away tubs of their Tomatillo Sauce to today’s lucky lunch bunch.

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