No Waiting at the 2nd Annual OC Foodie Fest

With a sell-out crowd last year, food truck owners were gearing up for record-breaking attendance for this year’s OC Foodie Fest. But the trucks who had loaded up to feed thousands of hungry food truck fans were rather disappointed to find that at high noon, there was a definite lack of foodies coming through the gates. Granted it was 95-100 degrees in Anaheim on black asphalt. Did the heat scare folks away? Did the long lines from last year scare folks away? Or was it the admission price? Not enough print advertising? Or some combination?

For the early admission guests, who paid a premium price for the privilege, it was surprising that many of the trucks were not yet open for business at the 10am opening. As a lady from West Covina told me, “I didn’t eat breakfast thinking that I could have a certain item at 10am and the truck was not open yet. I ended up trying something I didn’t want and was disappointed. By the time it was open, the heat curbed my appetite and couldn’t eat if I wanted to.” On the plus side, admission made you privy to short lines for the more famous vendors like The Lime Truck and Seabirds who are competing in The Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network. Lines for these popular trucks are usually 30 minutes to an hour if you don’t get there right when they open.

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