The Slidebar in Fullerton, CA has “Lit” the stage for good food and great music

The Slidebar has the perfect location in the heart of downtown Fullerton. When Jeremy Popoff, guitarist for Lit, was touring and eating his meals in bars and restaurants on the road, he had a vision - to build a restaurant & bar that has the comfort of home cooking, is fun, and just plain rocks. And he succeeded. Even the menu itself looks like an album cover. How cool is that? The décor is totally rock n’ roll with drums as barstools, fast classic cars mounted on the walls to a full drum set (from No Doubt) hanging from the ceiling. It reminded me of the “Wild Side” video from Motley Crue. Tommy Lee always had a tricked out drum set for each of their tours! The atmosphere is fun and the service is attentive.

Let’s get on to the food from the bitchin’ kitchen of Chef Ruben! The Seared Ahi Tuna is fresh ahi tuna, seared and served on crisp napa cabbage, avocado, crunchy wontons, cilantro and sesame soy dressing. It’s a kick-ass presentation. The ahi is perfectly seared. The avocado pairing adds a sweet creaminess to the dish. But the dressing on the salad is a little too light. The salad needs more dressing or adjustment of the level of soy sauce to kick up the flavor. Thumbs up!

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