2011 OC Fair Let’s Eat! – Part 2

Let's Eat for $2 Fridays sounded really interesting, but was disappointing. Half of a corn dog? 2 oz. of chopped pork? You end up spending more money on smaller portions of food. If you want to try lots of items and don't want to eat the whole portion, it’s the way to go. But it’s better to just come with family and friends and share the full portion or just come back to the fair another day to try more food.

Chuckwagon Concessions’ Chopped Pork Sandwich is served on a soft Kaiser bun. Sauces are on the side to slather on as you wish. The pork was perfectly cooked, soft, tender, and juicy. The flavor is so good that you really don’t need any sauce. Thumbs up!

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Happy Eats!

OC Food Diva