“Word to your mother” Ice Ice Shavie is Farm Fresh Hawaiian-Style Shaved Ice

Rolling up in their meter maid truck, Ice Ice Shavie debuted in June just in time for SoCal’s hot summer. Who doesn’t love a cute penguin with V.I.P. bling? Elizabeth Wilten and Damian Windsor (an honored mixologist) came up with a new twist to authentic shaved ice from Hawaii. Instead of using the artificially flavored syrups, they use organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs to make it healthy with a little play on alcoholic beverage recipes. Sounds weird, but you have to taste it to understand their “madness” and how surprisingly great these concoctions are.

Let’s talk about da flava! The Tea Sandwich is cucumber, sugar, salt, and pepper. The only way to describe this is a spa-day in a cup. The combo sounds weird for shaved ice, but it is so good. The cucumber flavor is refreshing and reminds me of the cool cucumber slices that you get at a spa for your eyes. The salt and pepper enhance your senses and brings the flavor to another level. This is my favorite! Thumbs up!

To read more and see photos, please visit: http://www.examiner.com/restaurant-in-anaheim/word-to-your-mother-ice-ice-shavie-is-farm-fresh-hawaiian-style-shaved-ice-review

Happy Eats!

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