Commonwealth Lounge & Grill serves chic comfort food in Fullerton, CA

Amidst the college town restaurants and bars near the intersection of Harbor Boulevard and Commonwealth Avenue, Commonwealth Lounge & Grill is a sparkling diamond in the rough serving eclectic American comfort food aka “Modern Day Supper Club”. Robert Marshall, Bryan Gonzales, and David George came up with this unique concept and opened the doors in 2007.  “Glamorous, relaxed atmosphere with a swanky flair” would be the words to describe this place. When you enter the front doors, you can almost feel the “red carpet” treatment. The dark hallway makes you feel like you’ve entered a “private club” with the “secret password”. As you round the corner into the lounge & dining area, the space magically opens up with a sense of relaxation – oversized booths, comfy couches, low lounge seating and a glowing back bar. Even if you are dining, you can help but be mesmerized by the glowing colors transitioning from every color in the spectrum. The service is top-notch, friendly, attentive yet non-obtrusive (almost stealth-like). They make you feel like a celebrity. The ambiance music is well-selected and makes you want to dance in your seat while you eat.

Let’s talk food! Prime Dip Sliders are shaved prime rib with havarti cheese on toasted sourdough rolls with horseradish aioli and barbecue jus for dipping. The prime rib is super-tender and melts in your mouth. The barbecue jus is bold and full of flavor. The horseradish aioli has just right amount of heat vs. creaminess and has a good flavor. Both sauces complement the sliders perfectly. Thumbs up!

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