Inka Mama’s brings Peruvian cuisine to Foothill Ranch, CA

Tucked away in a shopping center on the corner of Portola Parkway and Market Place is Inka Mama’s. Sitting in the shadow of the Staples store, Inka Mama’s is a culinary treasure trove of the vivid, exciting flavors of Peru. You’ll experience a sensory jolt as you walk through their door –grilled vegetables, meats and spices all working to fire up your taste buds. It’s not easy to decide on a menu selection while the other diners’ selections are being served around you. You’ll probably find yourself saying, “Ooh, now that looks good,” or “Wonder what that is?” The intimate dining room has a rustic ambiance with outdoor seating available. To avoid long waits for seating, I would suggest going an hour before or after peak dining hours. Even if there is already a waiting list, it is still well worth the wait.

Feeling a little adventurous? Try a glass of Maracuya, a beverage made from a Peruvian passion fruit. It’s sweet, but not too sweet, having a slightly tangy citrus flavor. Maracuya is a good source of vitamin C, an added plus. What a refreshing way to complement your meal, whatever the choice may be.

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