Taco Maria is crafting upscale Chicano cuisine in Southern California

Chef Carlos Salgado started cooking at a young age helping out in his family’s restaurant, La Siesta in Orange, CA. After finishing culinary school, he stayed up in the Bay Area working in some of the finest kitchens in the area – Vernon Morales’ Winterland, Daniel Patterson’s Coi, and James Syhabout’s Commis. Classically trained as a pastry chef, Chef Carlos brings his culinary talents and his culture to bear in all his offerings to SoCal foodies. Chef Carlos is definitely a farm to plate chef – always using local, seasonal ingredients. If you visit him in a farmers’ market environment, during downtimes, you’ll see him talking with the farmers. Frida, the Taco Maria truck, is setup like an exposition kitchen - big pane glass windows, sparkling stainless steel kitchen appliances, and all of the staff dressed in perfectly pressed white chef coats. You can watch them prepare items before your very eyes, whether it’s prepping ingredients or assembling your order.

Chilaquiles from Taco Maria is the breakfast of champions! Tortilla chips in chile cascabel sauce with queso fresco and a fried farm-fresh egg. The dark chile on the chips is a little spicy but has a sweet, rich, smoky flavor. The farm-fresh egg takes the cake! Breaking the yolk and letting it run down to coat the tortilla chips was just mind-blowing! It’s sensual and seductive. You’ll definitely fall in love with this dish! Thumbs up, way up!

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