The Summit House is serving up hearty fare with English flare in Fullerton, CA

With beautiful views of North Orange County, The Summit House sits above it all. The exterior looks like an old English Inn with beautifully landscaped trees and shrubbery on the grounds. The interior is dark with a tavern off to the side and a huge main dining room with floor-to-ceiling glass windows so all guests can partake in the view. The tables are perfectly manicured with white linen table cloths and decorative folded napkins. The servers are dressed in period attire making the experience more memorable. All they need is the English accent and you would be transported to Ole England. My husband and I spend a Valentine’s Day dinner here back in the 1990s so we were interested to see if it had changed. Your evening starts with basket of bread (sourdough and walnut bread). I just love the scent of fresh aromatic breads!

Escargots Bourguignonne are served in a Brandy Pernod Garlic Butter. OMG, this is just like I remembered it. The Summit House was my first experience with escargot. Being from Hawaii, we eat lots of sea snails (called tsubu in Japanese). Escargot is so much better as it absorbs the flavor of anything that you serve with it. The Brandy Pernod Garlic Butter sauce is amazing! The escargot explodes with flavor. Tip: when you scoop the escargot from the holder or shell, make sure you dig deep to pick up the garlic chunks on the bottom. If you have eaten all of the escargot, take your bread and soak up the leftover buttery garlic flavor. Your bread is now a beautifully garlic flavored delicacy. Thumbs up, way up!

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