Summer in South America: Handcrafted, "Winter" Cocktails at The CANTINA at Border Grill Downtown LA

Border Grill Downtown LA's cocktails are flying south for the winter and landing in sunny, summertime South America.  Inspired by regional spirits of South America and vibrant flavors from the Hollywood Farmers Market, Border Grill Downtown LA’s mixologist, “Cantinero” Alexander Fazio, and Bar Manager Jane Park have crafted four new cocktails that will have you dreaming about your next exotic getaway.  The Pisco Sangre marries Peruvian brandy with blood orange for a perfectly balanced sweet tart sipper.  The Coco Falso features the Andean fruit cherimoya and antioxidant-rich coconut water for an elevated spin on the ubiquitous piña colada.  Argentina's love of bitters led to the creation of the Argentine Agridulce with its bittersweet, herbaceous bite.  And the Omim-fum-fum is Brazilian Carnival in a cocktail shaker with its potent cachaça punch softened by passionfruit, guava, and Meyer lemon.  For an up-close, personal experience, watch the "cantineros" or bartenders in action in The CANTINA at Border Grill Downtown LA, now through March 21, 2012.

Pisco Sangre - pisco, blood orange   13.00
Coco Falso - 10 cane rum, cherimoya, coconut water   13.00
Omim-fum-fum - meyer lemon infused cachaça, passionfruit, guava   13.00
Argentine Agridulce - pimm's, aperol, orange bitters   13.00
Cantinero’s Creation - you call it, we create it   13.00 

Border Grill Downtown LA
445 S. Figueroa St.
Los Angeles, CA  90071