California Grill Truck brings Korean/Japanese fusion to the streets of Orange County, CA

Danny Moon worked in the Korean and Japanese restaurant business for 9 years doing everything from washing dishes to apprenticing for top notch sushi chefs. His love of Japanese food and Korean heritage became his dream come true with his own food truck in August 2011. Absent the confinement enforced by restaurant menus, Danny can work his culinary magic and create beautiful Asian-inspired dishes from his own food truck. He loves to talk about his food. If you have questions, feel free to ask him. He wants to make sure you’re happy!

The Short Rib (Kalbi) Sub is da bomb! The bread is fresh and has a great texture that matches with the kalbi. The kalbi is perfectly flavored, more teriyaki-like but super-tender. The Euro-lettuce blend adds a bit of crispy and spicy green flavors to the mix. This is the perfect size for a meal, no sides necessary. Thumbs up, way up!

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