My Tornado Potato is spiraling up with their revolutionary French Fry in Southern California

Chris Kim, Honolulu-born and raised, moved to Southern California like many Hawaiians for more opportunities on the mainland. Back in the 1990s, an Englishman in South Africa invented the idea of deep-frying a spiral cut potato. This idea took off in Asia like hot cakes. Chris saw the craze and said to himself, “I need to bring this phenomenon to the folks in Southern California.” In October 2010, My Tornado Potato hit the streets with this revolutionary French Fry. But, being from Hawaii, he knew you needed some meat with your starch (1 scoop rice and/or mac salad is always the case in Hawaii). He developed a way to put a sausage in the middle of the spiral. Don’t bother asking how he does it. It’s a family secret!

Okay, let’s get it on! Truffle Tornado is the Tornado brushed with White Truffle Oil. Oh, so fancy! The spiral potato is fried to a perfect golden brown. The spirals help give each bite a crispy outer shell with a tender center. The truffle oil is generously brushed on and takes the potato to a whole new level. The taste of truffles is hard to explain if you’ve never had it before. It reminds me of a little of garlic, but not really. The flavor hits you in different points on your taste buds which keeps them jumping for joy. Thumbs up, way up!

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