The Calbi Truck is serving Korean fusion with tacos, burritos, and quesadillas

Joseph Sue saw that there weren’t many Korean gourmet food trucks around and wanted to stake a claim. In 2010, he opened the Calbi Truck serving healthy Korean fusion food. Unlike his Mexican counterparts, Joe’s taco, burritos, and quesadillas contain no rice nor beans, but are stuffed with fresh meats and vegetables instead. Joe is very customer-oriented and doesn’t like to see the customer wait very long (I know I certainly don’t). You get your order in, your order is up a few minutes later, and you’re on your way. Calbi customers are happy customers!

The beef taco is served with chopped romaine, shredded radish and cheese. The beef was perfectly marinated with a sweet calbi rib flavor until tender. The lettuce and radish were refreshing with a touch of rice wine vinegar and sesame. The flavor combination was outstanding. Thumbs up, way up!

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