Famous Dave’s serves slow-smoked award-winning BBQ ribs in Orange, CA

Located in The Village at Orange, Famous Dave’s sits right on corner of Tustin Street and East Village Way. Once you park your car, let your nose lead you to the restaurant. You will easily be able to smell the smoky, porky goodness exuding from the restaurant. Nothing smells better than BBQ. Opening almost a year ago on November 15, 2010, I was so happy that we finally had a Famous Dave’s in Orange County. The only other closest locations that I had been to were in Las Vegas.

Dave Anderson, founder of Famous Dave’s, always had a passion for ribs and barbeque. His passion started when he was growing up in Chicago where his dad would bring home the best tasting slow-smoked ribs and not from a restaurant. This is how good recipes are born. We do this in small town Hawaii too. You’ll drive down the street and folks are selling local foods made right from their kitchen. It’s a wonderful way to spread your love of food to the masses. Dave set out on a 25-year journey around the country, tasting and learning how to make smoked meats from barbeque joints to mesquite pits. In May 1994, Dave opened his first location in Hayward, Wisconsin and rest is history.

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