Wine Review: Domaine du Tariquet Classic 2013

The Artaud family began life in the village of Ercé which lies at the foot of the Pyrenees in Ariège. The villagers were experts at bear taming due to the proximity of the natural habitat of the mountain bears. Young Artaud was a bear tamer by trade but wanted to explore the world and settle in the United States, where he eventually moved and raised a family. As he neared retirement, he was on the search again to find a place to spend his golden years. He returned to France and fell in love with the Tariquet. With the help of his son, Jean Pierre, they purchased Tariquet wine estate. There was a lot to be done as most of the vineyard had been destroyed by phylloxera with only seven hectares of vineyard left.

In 1914, World War I broke out and Jean Pierre Artaud returned to France to fight for his country. He suffered a bayonet wound and was plagued with memory loss for several years. His wife, Pauline, met every boat that came from Le Havre in hopes of seeing her husband. In 1922, Jean Pierre made the voyage back to the United States. But when Jean Pierre and Pauline were expecting their first child, whom they named Hélène, they made the move back to France.

The story continues with Hélène. In 1939, Pierre Grassa fought for his country in World War II and was taken prisoner. He escaped and joined the Resistance in Éauze, home of the Tariquet, where he met Hélène. The couple quickly became inseparable. They married and restored the Tariquet to its former glory of producing Bas-Armagnac brandies. They had four children, Maïté, Christiane, Françoise, and Yves. In 1972, they created their first company to boost sales of Bas-Armagnac brandies produced on property. In 1982, they were the first to start producing quality white wines in the region. Maïté and Yves continue the family tradition and Yves’ sons Armin and Rémy are the winemakers.

Domaine du Tariquet Classic 2013 originates in Gascony and Bas-Armagnac grown. The wine is produced and bottled by Domaine du Tariquet. The varietals used are Ugni blanc 45%, Colombard 35%, Sauvignon 10%, and Gros Manseng 10%. Served chilled and should be enjoyed within one year of bottling.

Tasting notes:
  • Hue: Light amber
  • Aromas experienced: Fruit (peach, citrus) and light oak
  • Flavors experienced: Sweet citrus, green apple, pear, honeydew
  • Body: Smooth, light, crisp, no heavy aftertaste, flavor disappears upon finish
  • Food pairings: Cheeses (gouda), charcuterie, seafood (fish, scallops), chicken with light cream sauce, hors d'oeuvres, light pasta, salads (fruit, Caesar)
  • Rating: 3.6/5

With spring in bloom and summer on the way, Tariquet Classic is the perfect wine to have in the fridge for a refreshing start to a party or just lounging by the pool.

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