Piaggio on Wheels is the name and Argentine cuisine is the game

Piaggio has been cooking for over 30 years. A born restauranteur and culinary genius, Piaggio has had restaurants in Brazil and California. I had the honor of meeting him for the first time at his restaurant, Gaucho Grill, in Brea almost 10 years ago. His mastery of gaucho grilling and love of this art just wowed the table with perfectly cooked and seasoned meats. In 2009, Piaggio became one of the first gourmet food trucks in Orange County. Their fusion of Argentine flavors, gaucho grilled meats, and the California taco culture have been the perfect formula. And their success proves that a love for food and the people that they serve, keeps the public coming back for more.

Choripan is Piaggio’s traditional Argentine sausage of pork, wine, nutmeg and garlic, served on toasted French bread with chimichurri. It was sold out the first 2 times I tried to order it and now I know why. It is absolutely fabulous! The sausage is juicy and the chimichurri sauce really kicks it up a couple of notches. The bread soaks up the juices so as not a drop of taste is wasted. Rating: 5/5

Tres Amigos Burrito is their signature burrito with skirt steak, braised pulled puerco and joined by the crunchy texture of garlic/lime shrimp (camarao) with black beans, white rice, cheddar and jack cheeses, pink sauce, pico de gallo and lime on the side. This combination is amazing – surf and turf to the max! You already know from my previous article that their skirt steak is awesome. When it is combined with the puerco and camarao, it just makes you hungry for more. This is definitely the best burrito I have ever had. Rating: 5/5

Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs are, you guessed it, 2 bacon-wrapped hot dogs with chimichurri and pink sauce. The bacon is artfully wrapped around the hot dogs and fried to a perfect crispiness. The hot dog has a nice snap to it with the outer edge being seared by the hot bacon. The mixture of the chimichurri and pink sauce is mind-blowing! You’ll never want to eat a regular hot dog again! Keep the mustard, ketchup, and relish away from these dogs! The buns are fresh and soft and soak up the juice and sauce perfectly. Rating 5/5

Bleu Cheeseburger is a daily special menu item. It’s one of the juiciest burgers I have ever had. The beef patty size matches perfectly with the bun so you’re not left with a bunch of bun at the end. The bleu cheese melts and becomes a pungent, creamy sauce of sorts. I love bleu cheese with beef. They pair so well together. Fries are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Rating: 5/5

Porker Sandwich is marinated and grilled loin of pork served on toasted French bread with roasted red peppers, bleu cheese, and chimichurri. The pork is perfectly grilled and seals all of the juices in the pork. The flavors remind me of Argentine meets Italian - savory, herbaceous, and sweet. Rating: 4.5/5

Chimichurri Steak Fries is Piaggio’s famous skirt steak atop French fries with chimichurri sauce. This will cause an out-of-body experience. The steak is perfectly grilled and the beautiful marbling keeps the steak juicy. Piaggio’s chimichurri is fantasticly herbaceous and complements the steak so well. Rating: 5/5

Pork Osso Buco is another daily special to watch out for. The pork shanks are braised for hours with a ragu of carrots, celery, onions, tomato, herbs, and spices, then served over rice. The pork is so tender, it just falls off of the bone. The bone gives the meat a rich flavor. A nice surprise of bone marrow calls your name. I used the handle of my fork to lovingly scoop it out. It was buttery and gelatinous. The flavors are more Italian for this dish, but I still loved every bite of it. Rating: 5/5

Empanada flavors are Chicken and Caprese (fresh mozzarella, basil, and tomatoes). The empanada shell is fried to perfection and has a wonderful flavor. It reminds me of the pre-1985 McDonald’s Apple Pie Crust – bubbly and crispy. The chicken filling is richly flavored and complex. The Caprese is very fresh and light. Just like the McDonald’s apple pie, be very careful as the contents are super hot. Break them open and let them cool down for a little while. Don’t forget to dip them into their famous chimichurri sauce! Rating: 4/5

Churros con Dulce de Leche is churros drizzled with homemade caramel sauce. You can definitely taste the love in this sauce. It’s creamy and velvety textured and matches amazingly with the cinnamon sugared churros. Can you FAB-U-LOUS? Rating: 5/5

Check Piaggio’s truck schedule on their website or call them to cater your next event!

Service: 5 out of 5 stars
Food: 5 out of 5 stars

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