Smoking out the competition at the Queen Mary West Coast BBQ Classic in Long Beach, California

Once we got into the parking lot for the Queen Mary, the aroma of smoke and BBQ was in the air and just drew us to the entrance. Upon entrance, the KCBS Judge’s Tent was on the left along with some of the competitors who were not participating in the tastings. The overcast and cool sea breeze posed the perfect day for BBQ.

Twisted Brisket served up their chopped brisket. It had a little chew, but had bold, smoky flavor. It had a beautiful caramelized bark on the outside. OCFD Rating: 3/5; KCBS Brisket: 32/56, 164.0000; KCBS Overall: 27/57, 665.6800

This Little Piggy Went Smokin’ served up their baby back rib. The meat fell right off the bone. It had rich smoky flavor and was very tender. It also had a good smoke ring on it. OCFD Rating 4.5/5; KCBS Pork Rib: 38/57, 162.8572; KCBS Overall: 57/57, 306.2628

Dad’s BBQ and Smoke House served up their sliced brisket. It was tough, but juicy on the inside. Not a lot of smoke flavor present. It could have been cooked and smoked for another hour or so. It had a beefy flavor but nothing spectacular from the seasoning or rub. The sauce was a little sweet with a hint of spicy. OCFD Rating: 2/5; KCBS Brisket: 56/56, 133.1432; KCBS Overall: 55/57, 504.0228

Papa La Rue’s BBQ served pulled pork. It had a hickory smoke aroma. The pork was tender and juicy. It was seasoned well and had a good smoky flavor. OCFD Rating: 4.5/5; KCBS Pork: 53/57, 150.2628: KCBS Overall: 52/57, 617.0172

Team Dove BBQ served up St. Louis rib. It had sweet flavor from the glazed sauce (molasses or honey), smoky flavor in the pork, and spicy kick at the end. It was extremely tender and had a slight smoke ring. OCFD Rating: 5/5; KCBS Pork Rib: 55/57, 142.2400; KCBS Overall: 53/57, 595.8404

Outta Gas BBQ served up Short Rib Tacos. Korean-style short rib. The flavor and meat texture is much improved since the Dana Point BBQ Championship last year. OCFD Rating: 4/5; People Choice Winner; KCBS Overall: 35/57, 654.7768

Smokin Mo’s BBQ served up pulled pork. The pork was tender and juicy with a slight smoke flavor. The sauce had a nice sweetness to it. OCFD Rating: 4/5; KCBS Pork: 3/57, 176.5600, KCBS Overall: 4/57, 689.1200

Illy handed out complimentary cans of their issimo line of drinks. The Mochaccino is an iced coffee drink with Domori cocoa and lowfat milk. It has a very light espresso flavor and tastes more like a very rich chocolate milk. OCFD Rating: 4/5

Triple T BBQ served up sliced brisket. The brisket was very thinly sliced like it was going on a sandwich. The aroma was of sausage, not sure if it was cooking next to a sausage for it to have that scent. The sample size was very disappointing for $2. The meat itself was very dry and bland. OCFD Rating: 1.5/5; KCBS Brisket: 53/56, 146.8228; KCBS Overall: 54/57, 574.1484

Bear’s-B-Q Crew served up chopped brisket. The brisket was way overdone, very dry, and reminiscent of beef jerky. OCFD Rating: 2/5

Rooftop BBQ served up pulled pork. It wasn’t seasoned enough, tender in some parts and dry in other parts. The sauce helped make it less dry. OCFD Rating: 2.5/5; KCBS Pork: 30/57, 165.6800; KCBS Overall: 28/57, 665.6572

Our Place BBQ served up St. Louis rib. It was extremely smoky in aroma and flavor. The meat was a little tough and did not fall off the bone. It had a lot of chew. OCFD Rating: 2.5/5; KCBS Pork Rib: 57/57, 20.0000; KCBS Overall: 56/57, 476.4340

Zzyzx BBQ served up St. Louis rib and brisket. The rib was sweet from the sauce with herbal notes from the rub. It was tender and moist with a slight tug off the bone. OCFD Rating: 4.5/5; KCBS Pork Rib: 34/57, 164.5488. The brisket had a little bit of chew and a nice smoke ring. It had a good flavor but a tad too salty. It might have been from the broth/sauce it was sitting in. OCFD Rating: 3.5/5; KCBS Brisket: 8/56, 174.2628; KCBS Overall: 17/57, 675.3600

All in all, a great BBQ event. As a spectator, just remember to give lots of space for the runners from each team who are carrying a white Styrofoam box. They are on their way to the judges’ tent for turn-in.

For more information:
1126 Queens Hwy
Long Beach, CA 90802