Trailer Park Truck dishes up gourmet American comfort food with a twist in Los Angeles, CA

Dave Miller toured the world with a punk rock band and worked in the music industry. When he moved to Santa Monica and saw the gourmet food truck scene hit the high note, he got an idea to bring a new food experience to hungry Angelinos. With the help of his girlfriend, Marina who came up with most of the food concepts, and chef friends, the Trailer Park Truck hit the streets on April 1, 2012. No April Fools’ joke here. I love the truck design with the hungry, beer-bellied man stamped on their truck. It’s so unique and in your face. They extend the theme to the line area with folding lawn chairs, fake grass carpeting, and a plastic pink flamingo. Now, that’s Trailer Park décor at its finest. The service is fun, friendly, and little bit rock n’ roll.

Mackin’ Cheeseburger is a take on their awesome Trailer Park burger and it’s loaded up with gooey mac n’ cheese, applewood smoked bacon crumbles, and buttery breadcrumbs. I’m not a big macaroni and cheese person, but this burger was amazing! The burger was juicy and flavorful. The macaroni and cheese was creamy, like a cheesy veloute. The bacon added a salty, smoky flavor with a crunchy texture. The bun was soft but held together well. You’ll definitely mack out on this burger until it’s gone. Thumbs up!

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