“Daily Decadence: The Art of Sensual Living” is a book of love, life, art, food, and wine

Sherri Dobay has correlated times in her life with food & wine. When you stop and think about it, that’s really what it’s all about. Imagine having chocolate cake for dessert in a restaurant, and being flooded with childhood memories of time spent in the kitchen with mom – from the aroma of the cake baking in the oven to the taste of her scrumptious creation. I totally embraced this book. Food is a big part of the “ohana”. It’s not a celebration without food made with love and a bit of whimsy. Sherri does a great job of conveying everything from her memories, very thorough recipes, to her tasting notes. She is free-spirited, sensual, and sexy. This is quite evident in her writing as she whisks you away on some of her Napa Valley adventures. There is a language of romance that you will discover or rediscover through her words and recipes. Be prepared to be entertained as well.

What I decided to do was make a full meal with recipes from the book. Let’s get started!

In the Decadence of Letting Go chapter, Deviled Eggs are what’s boiling. I love deviled eggs and am thrilled that they are now being offered on some restaurant menus. Coconuts in Fort Lauderdale makes the best I’ve ever had in a restaurant – homemade flavor that transports you back to the good ole days.  Sherri starts with a debate within her own household on the different techniques of boiling eggs. Choose your method and start boiling. Instead of piping out the yolk mixture, I used a cookie dough scoop for a bit of fun. The paprika topping made for an appetizing presentation of contrasting colors and added a bit of sweet smokiness. I think I would definitely go lighter on the relish, maybe one tablespoon instead of two. It was a little much for my palate, since it masked the flavor of the yolk itself.

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