Sage Organic Vegan Bistro is plant-based food designed to fulfill your taste buds in Los Angeles, CA

Mollie Engelhart grew up in the vegan lifestyle. Her dad owns Café Gratitude (local, organic, vegan restaurants) in LA, Northern California, and Kansas City. Mollie never went to culinary school, but has a gene for creating masterful flavor combinations that are mind-blowing for any vegan and foodie alike. She learned mostly from watching her dad cook when she was little. She has a lively personality and loves to talk about her food. The service staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about their fare so don’t be shy if you’re not sure what to order. Most people, as did I until a few years ago, believe that vegan food is just fruits and vegetables. But the winds have shifted and I am just amazed on how good the food tastes and how good you feel afterwards. Everything is made fresh daily. Sage also has an “icekreme” counter inside called KindKreme. The kreme is made from a coconut milk base that is made fresh every morning by grinding fresh coconuts.  The icekreme is made in small batches using organic, local, and sustainable ingredients.

Let’s take a look at some of fabulous creations:

Potato Broccoli Pierogies are seared with soy ginger sauce and served over lemon kale. These are the best pierogies I’ve ever had. The broccoli mixture inside exploded with flavor – and not with just broccoli flavor but with an almost “parmesan cheese” flavor. The lemon kale was cooked to perfection and showed off its vibrant green color. The soy ginger sauce was slightly Asian in flavor but reminded me of aged balsamic vinegar – thick, robust, and slightly sweet. You’ll definitely have an OMG moment or two! Thumbs up, way up!


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