Wilson Creek Winery makes you feel like part of the family in Temecula, CA

It all started one day in 1996, when the Wilson family acquired a 20-acre winery. Their plan was simple: run a fun, family business producing great wines from the perfect climate and soil of the Temecula Valley. Since then, they have expanded operations to cover the range of wines from sparkling to whites to reds to dessert wines and the vineyard now covers over 70 acres. The task of finding out what your favorite wine is may be overwhelming, but Wilson Creek Winery wants you to have fun and be at home with them. The employees here are so nice and just love what they do here. You can see they have great pride in Wilson Creek Winery and the wines it produces. A great way to start your winery adventure is in the Tasting Room. This is the largest tasting room I have ever seen, more like a tasting warehouse. There is one bar in the Gift Shop but if you venture in further there are 5 more bars inside. There’s plenty of room so don’t be shy. Once you settle on a spot, a friendly employee will start asking you questions about what kinds of wines you like and help you through your adventure. Let’s take a look at some of the wines they were pouring:

2011 Reserve “Yes Dear” Chardonnay is seductive and complex. The flavors that you’ll experience are green apple, apricot and toasty butterscotch on the front end and vanilla and sweet oak on the back end. I can see this paired perfectly with shellfish like a scallop and shrimp scampi.

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