Tandoori Garden is serving up authentic North Indian cuisine in Anaheim, CA

Sid Gandhi opened Tandoori Garden in 2009 with an apprentice of Manjit Singh (Tandoori guru who owned the famous Tandoor A India in Playa Del Rey). Sid also has 13 years of restaurateur experience including owning a restaurant in Bombay, India. The scent of the Indian food simmering as you open the front doors is quite alluring. Once you come through the front door, you’re greeted and whisked to your table. Tandoori Gardens also has a huge event space for corporate meeting, parties, and weddings, which used to be the home of the Rose and Crown restaurant (I miss their prime rib).

Papadum is served with 2 different chutneys – the red one being fruity and sweet and the green one more savory with a spicy kick. I like to mix them together as the sweet and spicy work well together.

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