Lone Star Steakhouse is all about great food and genuine hospitality in Tustin, CA

The idea of Lone Star Steakhouse originated in North Carolina. In March 1992, the first location opened in Tampa, FL. The concept of a high-quality steak house with a comfortable and genuine atmosphere was so contagious, the Lone Star brand expanded across the country. There are currently 97 restaurants in operation today. The beauty of Lone Star is its ability to serve great hand-cut USDA steaks in a warm, inviting environment and creating memorable experiences. In February 1998, Lone Star Steakhouse in Tustin, CA opened its doors as the first franchise in Southern California. Executive Chef Stuart Rackham, with over 15 years of experience in the restaurant industry, has brought more than just great steaks and a roadhouse feel by upping the ante with crave-worthy food with distinctive and unique flavors.
Let’s take a look at some of my favorites and new items on the menu:

Your meal starts with a basket of rolls with honey butter. The rolls were golden brown on the outside and had a very soft, spongy interior. They were the kind of rolls you would expect at a country home before a family dinner. The honey butter was wonderful, creamy and just the right amount of sweetness. Thumbs up, way up!

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