50 Forks is a California bistro where culinary icons are born in Santa Ana, CA

50 Forks is the student-run restaurant in The International Culinary School at the Art Institute of California’s Santa Ana campus. Students rotate and work all positions in the front (serving and hosting) and back (kitchen) of the house as part of their final quarter before graduating. I wish I could have participated such a program. It would have prepared me well for the rigors and challenges of working in the restaurant industry. This experience gives every student the opportunity to learn the importance of each position and the different pressures involved. You’ll definitely be amazed at the students’ professionalism and creativity. Students also learn about farm to table and sustainability practices. Chef Daniel Mattos, Academic Director of Culinary Arts, has put together 5 stellar culinary course curriculums being offered at The International Culinary School: Baking & Pastry Associate of Science, Culinary Arts Associate of Science, Culinary Management Bachelor of Science, Art of Cooking Diploma, and Baking & Pastry Diploma.

Let’s take a peek at this seasonal menu:

Fresh baked bread, prepared on-site by student bakers, served with olive oil/balsamic vinegar and variety of sea salts.

To read more and see slideshow of photos, please visit: http://www.examiner.com/review/50-forks-is-a-california-bistro-where-culinary-icons-are-born-santa-ana-ca


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