Review of The Chosen Bean’s The Moses Roast Coffee

The Chosen Bean is a one-of-kind artisan coffee roasting company in South Florida operated by two Hasidic Jewish men. Moshe Ruza founded The Chosen Bean in 2009 and uses satirical biblical humor for each varietal they sell. Their coffee beans are from the top 2% of all beans worldwide and come from farmers with small parcels of land and limited crop. This ensures the authenticity of the bean and exclusive flavors based on the individual farmer’s technique. They ensure farmers are treated fairly (Fair Trade or better) and tithe all company proceeds.

The following coffee was brewed three different ways to find the best brew method: drip, espresso machine, and French press.

The Moses Roast ($6.95 for 2 oz. bag + free shipping) is described as an “espresso with a flavor of biblical proportions” and “the very same brew that Moses drank all those days to keep himself awake, alert, & learning”. Tasting notes: Rich, roasted coffee aroma experienced; Robust, dark caramel, and slight bitterness experienced on the palate. French press was the preferred brew method. Rating: 3.4/5

The Chosen Bean is aroma for the soul! Check out their full array of coffees and teas.

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