Review of Millstone Mayan Black Onyx and House Blend Coffees

Millstone started in a small corner of the Pacific Northwest with a group of roasters. Now, they select beans from across the world and use a slow-roasting process that brings out the best flavor possible. Tailoring time and temperature brings out every bean’s unique characteristics.

Mayan Black Onyx Premium Ground Coffee is a dark roast coffee made from globally sourced 100% Arabica beans. The beans are USDA Organic and Fair Trade Certified. Tasting notes: Strong roasted coffee and nutty aromatics; Robust, dark roasted, nutty coffee flavors experienced with bitter aftertaste. Best brewing method: Espresso (one scoop of coffee for four shots of water). Rating: 3.6/5

House Blend Premium Ground Coffee is a medium roast coffee made with globally sourced 100% Arabica beans. Tasting notes: Pleasant, yet strong coffee aroma; Subtle sweet, smoky, mildly bitter, nutty, and slight chocolate flavors experienced. Best brewing method: French Press (one scoop of coffee for a single serve French press). Rating: 4/5

With June gloom in full swing, let new Millstone’s new coffee varieties give you a caffeinated boost!

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