Experience the San Diego County Fair now through July 5, 2015

“A Fair to Remember” is this year’s theme at the San Diego County Fair, commemorating the centennial anniversary of the 1915 Panama-California Exposition held in Balboa Park. The San Diego County Fair was originally organized in 1880 as an agricultural fair gathering farmers together to share ideas, see who had the best citrus fruit, baked the best pie, and had the fastest horse. It has been held at Del Mar since 1936. The only time it was suspended was during World War II.

It All Started At A Fair is the exhibit that contains memorabilia, photos, and information on past world fairs around the world including structures that were built especially for the World’s Fair like Paris’ Eiffel Tower, Fair Foods like brownies, and inventions like the Ferris Wheel. There are historical buildings from the Panama-California Exposition like the Spreckles Organ Pavilion, California Tower and Dome, and the Botanical Building in Balboa Park. This year’s World’s Fair is in Milano this summer. Ciao bella!

The animals in the barns are a must stop. The goats and sheep were aplenty on our visit with even a few baby goats. The sheep were getting sheared for presentation and judging. There were also a couple of rows of cattle. There was a calf with beautifully long eyelashes next to the sheep, so cute!

Fried Cheese Curds are a popular fair food in the Great Lakes area of the country. I love cheese curds and have wanted to try them deep-fried for a long time. They were fantastic! There was just the right amount of salt in the cheese curd to flavor the entire bite. The cheese inside was gooey and crispy on the outside. If you like mozzarella sticks, you’ll love these even better! Rating: 5/5

Mountain High Yoghurt had a space that looked like they were RVing with a picnic setup in front. They were sampling their yogurt as the Perfect Parfait and Guac-A-Moo-Le. The parfait was perfect as the yoghurt was a tad sour and works well with the sweet, crunchy granola. The blueberries added a refreshing pop of juice and sweetness. The Guac-A-Moo-Le is like a creamy version of guacamole. It was served with blue corn tortilla chips but would actually work better with potato chips or on top of a baked potato.

Hot Dog on a Stick is one of our favorites to stop at - not for a corn dog, but Cherry Lemonade. Their lemonade is already great but adding cherry flavor to it makes it even more amazing! On a hot day, it always hits the spot.

  • Savings Tip: Buy the Hot Dog on the Stick souvenir cup and refills are only $3. Keep it and bring it to all of the fairs that you attend.

Car shows are rotated through on a daily basis (check the Car Shows page for more info). On our visit, The Coastal Cruisers and San Diego Corvette were on display. Corvettes from past to present on display along with a 1972 Stingray.

Fiesta Village is located in the middle of the racetrack in the Family Funville. There are crafters from Mexico and Central America selling handmade goods, traditional Mexican cuisine from La Gordita Grande, and beers. There is also a Lobster Shack in case you have a craving for lobster – lobster rolls, sliders, lobster on a stick, and a whole lobster meal.

While you’re in the Family Funville, check out The Farm and The World of Horse. There is farm machinery from past and present on display along with fruit and vegetable plants. There are even chicks peeping. The adult chicken are in a large enclosure and running around as a group. The World of Horses showcased many different breeds of horse from the miniature horse to the racing stallions.

Juicy’s is another one of our favorite fair vendors. Their spiral fries topped with chili are easily a meal for two. The fries are perfectly crispy and reminiscent of In-N-Out fries. The chili is thick and gets in between all of the fry layers. They also make the best Turkey Legs around. We almost always get a couple to take home with us. Perfectly smoked and brimming with rich flavor down to the bone.

Competitive exhibits for Fine Art and Photography are housed in the Grandstands building on the first and second floor. There are some really fantastic entries this year so check it out!

As we were making our way to the exit, a demolition derby was in session. The sound of cars revving and crashing into each other had the audience cheering. I almost felt like I was at a bull fight. I wanted to scream “Ole!” What a great way to end our San Diego County Fair experience.

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For more information:
San Diego County Fair (Del Mar Fairgrounds)
2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd
Del Mar, CA 92014
  • Hours: Tuesday through Thursday from 11am to 11pm, Friday 11am to 12am, Saturday 10am to 12am, Sunday from 10am to 11pm (except July 3rd & 4th from 10am to 12am, closed on Mondays. July 9th and 16th)
  • Admission: Adults - $15, Ages 62 and older - $8, Ages 6-12 - $8, Ages 5 and younger - FREE