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 Since he was a teenager, Dominic Gutierrez has been on a quest for find “the best damn burger around.” His media experience started in high school as the feature editor for the school paper, “The Spokesman” and then in college as the blog editor/writer for Saddleback College’s “The Lariat.” He’s a down to earth guy in sharp, smart dressed attire; a modern day Clark Kent of sorts. He loves food and eats roughly 4-5 burgers a week. Now, that’s dedication following the footsteps of George Motz, author of Hamburger America and host of Travel Channel’s “Burgerland”.

On June 19, 2013, Dom’s Favorite Burgers Blog had a launch party at West Elm in South Coast Plaza. I had never been to West Elm before and was in awe of the products that they sell. It’s almost like an IKEA meets Portland meets Small Producer Food Products – funky, modern, laid back, yet out-of the-box. 

Being a culinary writer, I was drawn to all of the small producer food products like sauces, pickles, pastas, and drinks. Free burgers were on hand with condiments sold in the store ranging fom flavored mayos to hot sauces to bbq sauces to pickles. 

We even got to try some specialty soda syrups like ginger (which tasted like a strong ginger ale), cream (cream soda with a bite), and sarsaparilla (somewhat root beer-ish flavor). 

I loved the different condiment combinations, but was a little disappointed that the burgers were cold. It was catered in by Pacific Whey Café. The burger itself wasn’t very exciting on its own, but the bun was nicely glazed and had a soft, yet chewy texture. 

We had a great time and are always glad to meet another local food blogger. Learn where to find the best burgers in Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego and follow Dom on his Burger Journey!

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Dom offers catering if you want to have the “best burger” experience in the comfort of your own home. Check out his fantastic menu!

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