“America’s Most Delicious Dessert Recipes” cookbook takes you on a “sweet” road trip

For as long as she can remember, Chef Lisa Joy Taylor has loved to cook and has loved desserts. As a little girl she spent Sunday afternoons baking with her mom and two sisters. Her mom was known for her delicious desserts by friends and family. Little did Chef Lisa know that this would be the start her passion for food and baking. Chef Lisa says, “I love to share delicious food with others:  to see a smile come over their face when they taste something incredibly yummy for the first time, or to hear” mmmmm” as a fork slides out of someone’s mouth – this is magic! I also just love the warm fuzzy feelings I get around cooking and eating food.”

In this dessert recipe book, Chef Lisa Joy Taylor will take your taste buds on a “sweet” road trip through the United States! All 50 states are featured with two recipes that are representative of that state for one reason or another (100 recipes) including a great variety of cakes, pies, tarts, cookies, bars, sorbet, ice cream and more! You will also learn interesting historical tidbits about the recipe and/or its’ main ingredient.

In the Arkansas chapter, Cowboy cookies were the original “Powerbar”. During cattle drives, which could last for days at a time, cowboys were known to make these simple cookies in order to assure a quick meal full of calories and taste. While you might not need to spend a few days blazing a trail through West Texas or Montana (although, dude ranch vacations do exist), these cookies are sure to add a unique taste and texture to your diet. These would be great for day hikes, camping, or eaten for breakfast with a hot cup of coffee. The cookie comes out more like a scone versus a cookie in texture and flavor. The rolled oats give it a slight nutty flavor with the slightly sweet chocolate chips and salty pretzel pieces. I think I would try bits of bacon instead of the pretzel pieces for a breakfast flavor. Thumbs up!


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  1. these cookies looks healthy to me just as my hand tossed New York style pizza Orlando are.. hehe anyways, I just so happened to view this page and I got captured by your cookies photo.. thanks a lot!

    1. The original cowboy cookie probably didn't have the chocolate chips and pretzel pieces in. This is one hefty cookie! Mahalo for stopping by to view the photo. :)


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