BevMo! Holiday Beer Fest Los Angeles

If you’ve ever been in a BevMo!, the selections are endless from wines, liqueurs, spirits, mixers, and, of course, beer. How could you possible try them all and know which one you love? The BevMo! Holiday Beer Fest was the beer tasting event of the year showcasing 100+ of the best breweries in the world. Just like a wine tasting, they give you tastes of each of their holiday, seasonal, specialty beers, hard ciders, and craft sodas. If you find one you like, you could go back for more. If you didn’t like it, you could empty it in strategically placed buckets around the tasting areas. Golden Road Brewing was the host this year, located on “the other side of the tracks” in Glendale. Parking was a little sparse but when you found a space, you were on your way. Even with some scattered showers, most fest goers where there for one thing only, the taste of beer! A little rain was not going to dampen their spirits.

Let’s take a look at some of the breweries and their special brews:

Ass Kisser Hand Crafted Ales from San Jose, CA served their Smoked Porter with a smoky, caramel malt backbone with a medium hop bitterness. Tasting notes: dark ale; very smooth, robust flavor; bitter bite; hoppy flavor.

Karl Strauss Brewing Company from San Diego, CA served up their Big Barrel Double IPA made with imported New Zealand Nelson Sauvin hops which provides a vibrant tropical aroma, Warrior and Ahtanum hops which produce an assertive bitterness that stands out against a firm malt backbone. Tasting notes: wheat brew flavor; strong fruity nose; light bodied so you almost forget it is beer.

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