Portuguese Sausage Fried Rice

Chop up a whole Portuguese sausage. I used Redondo's Spicy Portuguese Sausage from Hawaii. Brown it up in a deep pot or wok. I did something different this time, I used a combination of 1 cup calrose rice, 1 cup brown rice, and 1 cup of quinoa. It's a little healthier than just calrose rice plus you get a crunchy texture from the brown rice and a nutty flavor from the quinoa. The quinoa makes the mixture very fluffy. I added the combination of rice, still hot from the rice cooker, into the pot/wok. Then, I mixed in 4 scrambled eggs, one at a time, to the pot, folding in the eggs. The hot rice cooks the eggs immediately and makes a fluffy coating on the rice. Add shoyu to taste.


OC Food Diva