Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice serving their 100-year old family recipe in Orange County, CA

Mike and Adelle Elder love their family. The one sport that all of their children loved to participate in is soccer. Mike thought of using his family recipe for Italian Ices as a fundraiser for their children’s teams. It got to be so popular that in 2006, it planted an idea in Mike’s head to start his own business and expand the flavors of this delicious concoction. The result is premium, authentic, Sicilian Italian Ice. Since then, Mike has expanded his palate to 120 different flavors. His Italian Ices are carried in restaurants around California and independent vendors across the country. In June 2011, Mustache Mike’s hit the gourmet food truck road dispensing their luscious delights to hungry foodies. It always hits the spot whether it’s hot or cold outside.

If you’ve never had Mustache Mike’s before, it is non-dairy, naturally fat-free, gluten-free, cholesterol-free, and even Kosher. His recipe is amazing! It tastes so creamy, but there is no dairy. Let’s take a look at some of his flavors:

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