May Cookie Company serves up healthy and convenient cookie mixes to make in your own kitchen

Susan Nolte and her daughter, Marissa Hanley, researched how they could make a homemade cookie better, by using healthier ingredients and make it easier for you in the kitchen. In May 2008, Susan and Marissa’s dream became a reality when they opened May Cookie Company specializing in “healthier homemade” – great-tasting, wholesome, all-natural cookie mixes; including a dairy-free, egg-free option. Baking brings the family together in the kitchen and the May Cookie Company cookie mixes reinforces healthy foods with the simple pleasures of homemade cookies.

I found their cookie mixes really easy to follow. Everything is in pre-measured packets, labeled to correlate with each step of the baking process on the box. Tip: If you decide to order any of the chocolate flavors, order them in the winter months ( Otherwise, the chocolate chips may melt and fuse together into a huge chocolate chunk. My solution was to use a meat mallet and break it up into chip size pieces. They are also available for purchase in natural food markets in California, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island. Check out their website for a store near you -

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