2017 World Food Championships: Bacon World Championship Top 10 Round

After a wonderful breakfast The Southern Grind Coffeehouse, it was time to head down to The Wharf to turn in my pantry order for World Recipe Championship Top 10. I still can’t believe I made it into the Top 10! I also wanted to visit the Tasting Village where local, regional, and national food brands showcase samples of their products. While touring with my taste buds, I met the World Recipe Championship Infused Ingredient sponsor, The Jelly Queens, and picked up the jelly to be used in my recipe. We also met representatives of President Cheese who kindly sponsored a quarter of a wheel of brie for my recipe. After filling our tummies with delicious samples, high noon approached signaling the Bacon World Championship Top 10.

The Bacon World Championship was presented by Lipton Iced Tea. The Top 10 round’s infused ingredient was a choice of Lipton Peach Iced Tea, Lipton Green Tea Citrus, and Lipton Mango Iced Tea to be paired with bacon.

After a few tweaks, Rebecka Evans brought her Dutch Crunch Baby back for another round of judgement. Rebecka featured Lipton Mango Iced Tea with Saucy Mama Taste Domination Scotch Bonnet Pepper & Blackberry Wing Sauce, Challenge Butter, and other ingredients.

Rebecka pouring in her dutch baby batter into cast iron skillets.

Peter Pan has pixie dust, but nothing is better than a little pinch of bacon dust. It’s magical!

Dutch baby right out of the oven. The sides rose to the perfect iconic shape.

You can never have too much bacon!

The topping that added the “crunch” to these Dutch Crunch Babies.

Time to spoon in the sweet heat!

Dutch Crunch Baby all set to be turned in. It was such a beautiful presentation with the cast iron skillet with bows tied on the handle contrasting the golden brown dutch baby, orange mango peach sauce and filling, and blackberry/mint garnish. The taste was also amazing the first time, but after tweaking the sweet to salty ratio just a bit, it was even better! Delicate dutch baby contrasted with the crunchy topping while still delivering a sweet yet savory flavor from the sweet peaches and tropical mango and smoky, salty bacon for a perfect balance. The aroma was intoxicating with the sweet tropical fragrant mango and the smoky bacon. E.A.T. Score: 93.889 out of 100. Final score for Bacon World Championship: 93.13334 out of 100, placing her in 1st place.

Congratulations, Rebecka! She moves on to the Final Table on April 22, 2018 in Bentoville, AR presented by Walmart at Brightwater NWA. In an announcement on March 2, WFC has entered into an agreement with Dick Clark Productions for this event. Check out the World Food Championships’ website for more details on tickets for the Final Table event and where to see it on TV or via the web!

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  1. It was such a joy to have you and your husband share my Food Sport journey at World Food Championships not to mention, seeing you win a place in the Top Ten Recipe Category! Thank you my sweet friend! Now I’m off to win 100K at the Final Table! xoxo

    1. It's always a joy to see you! You always make me happy! I am so excited for you and it's next month! :)

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