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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

2016 WFC Day 3: World Sandwich Championship

Since I didn’t have to arrive at The Wharf until noon, I got to sleep in and partake in some breakfast at the Hampton Inn on a beautiful Veterans Day. 

There is nothing like a freshly made waffle, but I had a LOT of Whole Foods Market leftovers from our photography competition during the Blogger Summit. I went downstairs and made myself a waffle and had to pinch myself as I was SO tempted to make it into my usual dessert waffle. I went back to the room with my waffle still hot and layered bleu cheese crumbles (fit perfectly into all of those waffle nooks), sliced turkey, bacon, sliced avocado, and tomato. Protein-packed waffle sandwich to get myself ready for the World Sandwich Championship at the World Food Championships.

Lisa Keys, a.k.a. Good Grief Cook, is a blogger and food competitor. I met her last year at the FoodFightWrite Blogger Conference and we crammed into a rental car, which was lovingly nicknamed “The Sardine Car”, to get back to the hotel. The gals had to shop for their competition ingredients and I had a media preview to attend. Lisa reminds me so much of my mom which is why I like her so much! She started her food competitor “career” with the Pillsbury Bake-Off. The experience sparked her competitive spirit to continue with other cooking contests eventually becoming a Season 30 Food Network Chopped Champion! Her blogging came later in life to help her through the grieving process of losing her son in a tragic car accident. She now inspires other who have lost love ones through emotions and feelings that she has experienced. I totally understand as my mom lost her husband not too long ago. She experiences the same emotions and feelings. Her blog is that comforting “casserole” of love and support.

Lisa was representing Team Saucy Mama during the World Sandwich Competition. For the structured build, she made a Cuban Fusion sandwich infused with Mexican chorizo sausage, mojo roasted pork, prosciutto, pineapple mustard, quick pickled vegetables, and dill mustard. I was unable to taste her turn-in but the appearance was great with the layers of meat, cheese, vegetables, and sauce visible. I loved the contrast of the yellow mustard to the purple red onion. Structurally, it was definitely a Cuban sandwich. She scored an 82 from the judges for this heat.

For the signature dish, she made a Fontina Stuffed Chicken and Mushroom Meatball Sub with Crispy Cheese Frico. Unfortunately, I was unable to taste this dish as well. For appearance, I loved that she used a wooden serving board with her frico scattered about. I also love the use of the Italian flag colors of red sauce and green parsley. However, I thought the grilled sides of the bread were a little dark and the sauce looked a little loose. I know that Lisa needed more time to tighten up the sauce. The aroma certainly reminded me of a meatball sub. The judges seemed to like this sandwich much better, giving her a score of 87. Her overall score was 84.5, just 9 points away from putting her into the Top 10.

It was an honor to watch Lisa compete and I hope to see her again this year at WFC 2017! 

Now it’s time to put my feet up and watch some wild dolphins with Dolphin Tales.

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