Cookies shapes are almost limitless at Cookie Cutter Kingdom

Cookies are a great way to express an occasion whether is a birthday, bridal shower, baby shower, wedding, holiday, anniversary, etc. Cookie Cutter Kingdom is a great place to start to find the shapes and sizes that perfectly capture your celebration.

Cookie Cutter Kingdom uses 3D printing technology to offer an array of thousands of cookie cutter designs and sizes. You can also customize your cutter with text as well. The ordering process is easy:

  1. Pick a shape
  2. Enter personalized text
  3. Your web browser will automatically show the results in 3D view mode so you can turn it and view it from different angles right on your screen.

Once you receive your cookie cutters, make sure you research a good recipe that will hold its shape. If you pick a dough that might spread, your cookie will likely not look like the cutout. Cookie Cutter Kingdom has a section on Recipes & Guides to help you build the perfect cookie.

I chose the 2-piece Beach Surf Cookie Cutter Set ($7.00) The construction of the cutters is solid and they will withstand the pressure of cutting through cookie dough. For the dough, I used a Heart-Shaped Sandwich Cookie recipe which held its shape in the baking process. For icing, I used Betty Crocker Blue Decorating Cookie Icing for the base color of the cookie and Betty CrockerWhite Decorating Cookie Icing for the details.

My mom and I did our best for our first time decorating cookies. For the most part, they were identifiable as a surfboard and swim trunks. Overall, the cookies were recognizable only with the detail from the icing. The surfboard could be mistaken for a rocket or mouth. The swim trunks could also be mistaken as boxers. But, even with that, it proves multiple uses are possible for each cutter for a child’s birthday party with rocket-shaped cookies or a Bachelorette’s party with boxer-shaped cookies.


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