Product Review: Dietz and Watson Meats and Cheeses

In 1939, Gottlieb Dietz founded Dietz and Watson in Philadelphia, PA. Today, Dietz and Watson offers more than 400 products in supermarkets and delis worldwide. Even after 75 years, Dietz and Watson is still family owned and operated. House Party presented a glimpse into this extraordinary line of high quality meats and cheeses.

Here are a few dishes that were prepared:

Prosciutto was the star of the Prosciutto Crostini recipe. The recipe was simple to make with only 6 ingredients. The aroma of fresh basil was experienced. Creamy goat cheese, smoky and slightly salty prosciutto, and sweet fig jam were perfectly balanced. The grilled baguette provided a crispy texture to contrast the softness of the toppings. This would pair well with a glass of chardonnay. Rating: 4.5/5

The Roasted Garlic Cheddar Cheese was the star of the Garlic Cheddar Corn Chowder recipe. The recipe was simple and just took a little time to prep the ingredients. The time was well worth the wait. Sweet corn and smoky bacon aroma were experienced. Cheesy, slightly garlicky, sweet corn, salty ham, and smoky bacon flavors were perfectly balanced. The chowder had a creamy texture from the half and half and potatoes. It was found to be a little too thick and would increase the chicken stock to thin out. Diced green onions would add a touch of color contrast for presentation and added flavor. Since Dietz and Watson Bacon could not be found in Orange County, so local bacon and chopped up Dietz and Watson Black Forest Ham were added. The perfect dish to prepare on a cold winter’s night. Rating: 4.5/5

Ham, Orange and Pineapple Kabobs was least likely for a repeat. The recipe was simple with only 4 ingredients. The teriyaki marinade was too strong for the sliced Black Forest Ham and began to disintegrate. Cubed pieces of ham would work better as it would have stood up to the marinade and also stayed on the skewer. Smoky chargrilled and sweet pineapple aromas were experienced. Sweet orange and pineapple, powerful teriyaki, and salty smoky ham flavors were experienced. This would pair well with a sweet wine like a moscato or sangria. Rating: 3.6/5

Dietz and Watson has a ton of recipes on their website. Be creative and incorporate Dietz and Watson in your next meal!

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