Philly’s Best expands with new location in Orange, CA

Bob and Andrea Levey moved to California, but their love of quintessential Philadelphian foods was afire. The couple opened up the first Philly’s Best restaurant in 1992 in Fountain Valley, CA. Since then, they have expanded to 23 corporate and franchisee-owned locations across Southern California. Philly’s Best uses Philadelphia-sourced ingredients and sides like: Amoroso® Rolls (if you’ve never had an Amoroso Roll, you haven’t had a cheesesteak), Frank’s® Soda, Wise Chips, TastyKake® (everyone loves TastyKakes), Taylor® Pork Roll, and Pennsylvania Dutch® Birch Beer.

The new Orange location was developed by existing Philly’s Best franchisees, Ken Gray and Larry Erdman. Ken and Larry have been part of the Philly’s Best family since 2011. Prior to that, they spent 25 years with Subway, facilitating the development of more than 200 Subways restaurants across Southern California. These guys really know their sandwiches!

Philly Italian Hoagie is an Amoroso Roll stuffed with capacolla, provolone, genoa salami, mortadella and topped with oil, vinegar, lettuce, and tomato.  I love the meat variety. It’s very Italian in flavor. Mangia! The sandwich is on the lighter side so you’ll have room for a side of fries or onion rings. Amoroso Rolls make the sandwich. Rating: 4.5/5

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