Boldo Bol serves earth-to-table Delecta-Bols in Santa Ana, CA

Chef Paul Chamberlain and his wife, Judy, opened Boldo Bol in East End Santa Ana, CA on July 9, 2014. Boldo Bol’s philosophy is rooted in the Slow Food Movement.  Their mission is to change the way OC residents dine by following these principles: honoring heritage, locally grown, day picked, nutrient focused, steamed or seared, naturally seasoned, ethically concerned, community supported, and committed to education. Whole foods are sourced within a 250-mile radius of the restaurant.

Boldo Bol’s menu is based on daily fresh ingredients. Here is an example of what you may find on the menu:

Salad Bol consists of just-picked lettuce and herbs with red pepper, daikon, yam, and pumpkin seeds. The vegetables are bright green and refreshing. The red bell peppers and yams are sweet. Daikon adds a little kick. The pumpkin seeds add a crunchy texture and nutty flavor, like a natural crouton. Rating: 4/5

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