Simply Quince is love of the “Golden Apple” + Brandied-Quince Buckle Recipe

Quince is an Armenian fruit that is thought by some to be the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. From the outside, it looks like a combination of an apple and a lemon. The fruit feels as solid as a baseball. When peeled, the interior is a cross between an apple, pear, and jicama. The scent is reminiscent of apples and slightly floral. Barbara Ghazarian’s love of quince started when she was a little girl. Her grandmother had quince trees in the yard and when the fruit turned golden yellow in color, a rose-like fragrance filled the air. Observing her grandmother preparing ruby-red quince preserves started Barbara on the path of "quincing" and taking over the family tradition.

Note: it requires poaching of the quince before incorporating it into each dish. Barbara includes an easy basic poaching recipe. It is best to poach the day before, allowing for cooling time and sparing you the poaching time on the day of actual preparation.

In the Sensational Sides chapter, Creamy Cauliflower-Quince Gratin caught my eye. This would be a great side dish at Thanksgiving.

  • What we liked: Breadcrumb-parmesan topping; Savory and slightly sweetness play of the quince and the cauliflower, garlic flavor; Consistency of the cream sauce base
  • Creative additions and changes: Crispy bacon adding into the topping or tossed with the cauliflower-quince mixture for crunchy texture and saltiness; Experimenting with broccoli instead of cauliflower; Adding more Asiago cheese
  • Rating: 4/5 stars

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