Chef Oge Dalkden takes over the rockin’ kitchen at The Slidebar in Fullerton, CA

The Slidebar has always been about comfort food, until now. With all of the eclectic and upscale restaurants popping up in downtown Fullerton, The Slidebar needed to up their ante. Chef Oge Dalken, formerly of Chapter One The Modern Local, is transitioning to a food conscious direction with locally sourced ingredients and upscale creativity. Chef Oge has been all across the USA and has brought his knowledge of different regional cuisine to SoCal. You won’t believe what great changes he has made to the menu. I love The Slidebar, being the rocker chick that I am – remembering the days of hanging with the guys and listening to the new Megadeth or Metallica song on the radio or waiting in line at Ticketron (yes, the days before the Internet) and buying tickets for the next Motley Crüe concert.

Here’s a sampling of dishes Chef Oge has created:

Mini Black Dogs are mini Kobe beef dogs coated with Huitlacoche infused corn meal flour breading and served with a spicy chipotle dipping sauce. If you don’t know what Huitlacoche is, it is a prized fungus that grows on corn. I like to call it the “Mexican black truffle”. It has a truffle like flavor that lends itself well to the corn meal batter. The hot dogs are prime – juicy, flavorful, and have a snap to them like Pink’s Hot Dogs. This is one of the best corn dogs I have ever had. The dipping sauce has a nice flavor, but these corn dogs do not need it. They are great all on their own. This would also lend itself well to the line of craft beers The Slidebar has on tap. Rating: 5/5 stars

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