JP23 BBQ Smokehouse celebrates its 1st anniversary in Fullerton, CA

On the busy corner of Harbor Boulevard and Commonwealth Avenue, sits JP23 BBQ Smokehouse. Jacob Poozhikala is the brain-child behind this venture. JP is Jacob’s initials plus his 23 friends from college are behind the enigmatic name. Since college, BBQ and sports have been in Jacob’s life, from his roots in Canada to moving to SoCal. Like every die-hard BBQer, you need to name your smoker for luck. At JP23, Elmer is its name. Luck has been on his side as they celebrated their 1st anniversary on St. Patrick’s Day 2014 and hired General Manager Adrienne Bennett to handle the front of the house with her proven drive of making happy patrons and successful restaurants.

Let’s sample some of Elmer’s creations:

JP23Wings are slow cooked and smoked with pecan, cherry, and hickory wood. The Honey Chili Wings were sweet and slightly spicy. It was reminiscent of a sweet Asian chili sauce commonly served with lumpia. The smoked flavor from the wings came through and paired well with the sauce. They were tender and juicy. Thumbs up, way up!

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