Romesco Mexiterranean Bistro is an epicurean food journey of the senses in Bonita, CA

Bonita, CA reminds me of a cowboy town, like Norco, CA, with small local shopping center/strip malls, rustic wooden signage, and residential neighborhoods off the main drag from the freeway. In a non-descript shopping center in this small town is a diamond in the rough. Romesco Mexiterranean Bistro opened in 2005 and has been wowing Bonita residents and beyond with their Mexiterranean cuisine. The Peña & Plascencia families started their restaurants in Mexico in 1969 and also acquired Caesar’s in Tijuana where the first Caesar Salad was created in 1927. With their vast range of cuisine from Mexican, French, Italian, and Spanish, Romesco MexiterraneanBistro became a fusion of the cultures and cuisines of these regions. The interior of the restaurant reminds me of either an upscale steakhouse or Italian family eatery with dark wood furnishings and bright white table cloths. The servers’ uniforms were firmly pressed with bright white aprons. The service was professional, classy, and very friendly.  

Taquitos Porados de Cachete is deep-fried beef cheek tacos with tender greens, cojita cheese, marinated tomato & onions, mild salsa aguada, radish, and fresh Mexican cream. This has a surprising mix of flavors from Mexico and Italy. The beef cheek tacos were full of beefy flavor and very tender. The salsa tasted more like Italian marinara with the fresh tomato and oregano flavors. Put it all together and it was a like a symphony of flavors to my palate. The cojita cheese was like a cross between fresh mozzarella and ricotta, creamy with soft texture. The pickled red onions added a slight vinegar flavor just like the pickled vegetables you would get at a taco truck. Thumbs up, way up!


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