Say “I love you” with The Buttermilk Truck’s Breakfast in Bed Gift Set

The Buttermilk Truck has progressed in the last five years from a brand new food truck to a breakfast food phenomenon. People still follow this food truck on Twitter and Facebook to find the next stop for their fix of delicious red velvet pancakes. Last year, The Buttermilk Truck starting packaging their famous red velvet pancake mix so followers can make these delicious pancakes at home anytime of the day.

The Breakfast in Bed Gift Set contains their Famous Red Velvet Pancake Mix, Buttermilk Inc. Mug, and Isabella's Cookie Company’s Famous Breakfast Cookie, The Muffy. Follow directions on can for 1/2 recipe of Red Velvet Pancakes, put into Buttermilk Inc mug provided, add 10-12 chocolate chips and microwave for 1 minute 25 seconds, top with our cream cheese butter recipe and enjoy warm, fluffy decadent pancakes in a mug. All you need is some fresh brewed coffee for the perfect breakfast or dessert!


OC Food Diva